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Our leading premium lifestyle management and concierge service is supported by a dedicated team of lifestyle managers that operates to meet our members’ requests, from the practical to the aspirational, offering a prestigious concierge service, exclusive privileges and insider access around the world. 

Sigillus provides quintessential life experiences and connections to our members worldwide. We offer bespoke concierge & relocating services to private clients, corporates, residential properties and commercial buildings. Our core value is to support our members to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. Sigillus grants our members everything from everyday needs, from finding the right hotels at the best available rate, booking restaurants, flights to defining moments of life. 
If you are willing to relocate in London we can find the best schools for your children and find the best property for your family. Let us manage your properties and your life and give you back the precious time for you and your family.
Sigillus was founded by dynamic serial entrepreneur Paola Diana. Through her successful international household and childcare search consultancy, Nanny & Butler, she has provided carefully matched staff to clients including royal families, dignitaries and high-net-worth individuals for almost a decade. Paola’s innate understanding of her clients’ needs, challenges and aspirations allowed her to create a truly bespoke service, and highlighted the opportunity to assist her clients in other areas.

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Lifestyle Managers

Our expert advisors are dedicated professionals, who provide the highest level of service, professionalism and discretion at all times. Our lifestyle managers are multi-lingual including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian.

Apart from having the right credentials, training, many years of experience that qualifies them to help and advise our clients, they have an extensive up to date knowledge and inside track of what’s happening in their specialist fields; from Concierge Services, Security & Risk Management, Real Estate & Interior Design, Travel, Coaching & Team building activities and Recruitment.

Our corporate experts are business strategist advisors who work with senior executives and boards of organisations helping them to achieve their vision. We have extensive connections in the corporate world and in the luxury high net worth sector.

Our specialist advisors will make sure that they understand your challenges and aspirations and are passionate about finding that bespoke hand picked solution for you. They will provide exclusive and challenging yet refined and curated events for Sigillus members.

Corporate Concierge Services

Tailored luxury expertise for clients and executives all over the world

Sigillus provides a range of bespoke concierge services tailored for the business environment. We are the premier concierge and lifestyle management company, catering to select leaders in the corporate, real estate, hospitality and fashion industries. We offer access to an unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise.

Corporate clients are supported by specialized loyalty programs, leaving the day-to-day to Sigillus. Our connections are second to none and our expertise in the high-net-worth market is carried right across to the boardroom in bespoke and creative ways. For instance we assist in developing art collections, guided and curated by Sigillus, to align with your corporate identity, ethos, origin or industry.

We manage corporate travel, which is both personal and tailored to your companies’ requirements. We never forget the importance of safety when travelling. We can have the support of ex-military security experts who have rapidly deployed kidnap for senior executives travelling abroad and who are trained in cyber-crime and investigation.

Paola Diana

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