A day in the life of a London Luxury Concierge

concierge at desk

No day is the same in the Luxury Lifestyle Management world. Working with UHNWI requires a great deal of attention regarding specific clients’ requests. A day can range from finding the best consultant for chartering a luxury yacht and investing in UHNW real estates to planning the ultimate travel experience in Antartica and organising a private viewing in an art gallery. Our minimal requests would be restaurant and private club bookings in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Belgravia as well as worldwide in New York, Monaco and Dubai. By all means, Sigillus has it’s own unique consultants in order to access exclusive reservations and offers for our clients that are not available elsewhere.

As a concierge service company, we provide excellent customer service throughout the journey from the initial enquiry to the follow up after our services. We always follow up with our clients regarding their experiences in order to gain feedback, questions and guidance, which allows us to enhance the relationship between our clients and Sigillus as well. Moreover, the more in-depth understanding of our client’s lifestyle and needs, the greater future recommendations we can offer in order to fulfil the idea of luxury lifestyle management for each client. For example, several clients may start using our concierge services but also interested in a wider range of the luxury lifestyle such as investment in properties off-the-market and private jets. Ultimately, as a lifestyle management company, we adapt an individualised touch and proactive approach whilst exploring the personal interests and tastes of our clients, in order to go the extra mile to offer unexpected experiences.

Therefore, our corporate focus is not only to provide the best luxury lifestyle experiences for our prestigious clients, but also to make the impossible possible in the world of the elite. As a lifestyle manager, being able to work at a high efficiency and flexibility is fundamental in order to ensure clients’ satisfaction and deliver our corporate promises of the best within the luxury lifestyle management globe.