The Best Private Islands


The Best Private Islands 

A private island is a dream come true for many people – uncrowded beaches, accommodation designed exactly to your specifications and exclusive use of, well… everything. Roughly £25,000 would buy you a small private island but most of the really enviable spots have already been snapped up by the world’s billionaires. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to buy, or simply somewhere to stay, here are some of the world’s best private islands.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Probably the most famous private island in the world, Necker is owned by airline billionaire Sir Richard Branson and consists of 74 acres of prime Caribbean island real estate, which Branson discovered in 1978. Necker has been developed as a hideaway, not just for Branson and his family, but for others who want to experience its paradise shores too. Everything has been done with sustainable development and the local community in mind – and, of course, with great style. Expect a ten-figure bill for a three to four night stay.


Sampson Cay, Bahamas

Sampson Cay is one of 365 small islands in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas and was purchased by media mogul John C. Malone. It is a pure paradise of achingly white beaches and clear blue seas, as well as largely untouched nature – the only development here was the Sampson Cay Club, which once offered a small resort of five villas. Unlike many other billionaires who want to make money from their island investment, Malone has now closed Sampson Cay to the public, keeping it as a private hideaway for his very lucky family and friends.

Laucala Island, Fiji

Seven square miles in the South pacific is all that makes up the landmass of Laucala Island, Fiji, a part of the world renowned for its soothing paradise shores. The island’s owner is Dietrich Mateschitz, who was the co-founder of Red Bull, has created a home away from home with “unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.” There’s plenty to do here, from indulging in fine dining, to golf and horseback riding, and every villa comes with its own buggy to make sure you don’t have to walk too far.

New Holland Island, St. Petersburg, Russia

Not all private islands are located in exotic oceans with clear blue seas and breathtaking natural landscapes surrounding them. New Holland Island in Russia is owned by one Roman Abramovich and offers a rather different backdrop: the city. This man made island is positioned in the middle of St Petersberg, separated from its urban environment by a canal. It is currently being redeveloped into a city playground and may not remain private all that much longer.


Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai belongs to oracle Billionaire Lawrence J. Ellison – or 98% of it does anyway. Ellison bought his share in 2012 for a reputed twelve figure sum and plans to create Pineapple Island, which will be a sustainable tourist destination named after Lanai’s fruity history (it was once the biggest supplier of pineapples in the world). From organic wineries to electric cars, Ellison is planning to create a true Pacific paradise, in more ways than one.

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