Celebrate Burns Night with the best whiskies

Even though this is still ‘Dry January’, Burns Night takes place on the 25th January. This is actually a great occasion to fire up your papillae and probably discover new favourite spirits. Robert Burns, Scottish poet and hedonist, was a huge fan of whisky and even wrote poems devoted to his favourite whisky and his preferred pub.

To make your life easier, because we know how much it can be hard to choose, here are some of the best whiskies that might be close to Burns’ heart.

The Dalmore Vintage 1998

Legend has it, the brilliant poet liked a smooth spirit to accompany the rough element he mixed with in the pubs, and some says he often opted for a refined Highland malt.

An 18 years old single malt from Dalmore, released in mid-2017 as part of a trio of vintage releases that were finished in specially selected Port casks. This one was distilled in 1998 and aged in ex-bourbon casks before being moved over to rare aged Tawny Port pipes and finished for two years of maturation. This has notes of honeyed banana, blueberry and grape.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare

Due to legislative pressures on producing whisky, and the resulting abundance of illicit distillate, much of what Burns was subjected to arguably needed blending.

The brand created a limited edition which features single malts from lost distilleries in its blend. Incredibly complex and unbelievably rich and smooth with it, this blend is composed by three lost distilleries renowned for their smoky and peppery whiskies. This has note of pineapple, hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Glenkichie 24 Years Old Special Releases 2016

In his Jolly Beggar poem he mentions a lowland whisky from the Kilbagie distillery, which by all accounts would have been eye-watering gear.

Glenkinchie provides you with a softer and more balanced lowland and shows how lighter foundation of this style can be reinforced with impressive maturation, and well-balanced fresh and dried fruit with a background of spice.

Tomatin 18 Years Old

In order to discover something that was suitably punchy for the poet’s robust palate, we have Tomatin 18 years old, relaunched in 2016. This is a truly delightful drama and a perfect example of a far lighter style of sherry cask whisky that is the perfect balance between spirit and wood. This add notes of dark chocolate, and citrus to honey and soft spice.

Finally to a malt endorsed by the World Burns Federation, what better way to toast your Burns supper than with a malt produced especially for the occasion.

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