Is your child aiming for a top university?

The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world, but winning a place at them isn’t easy. Only around one in five applicants to Oxford and Cambridge are successful, and as the majority of places go to British residents, it’s even more competitive for applicants from abroad. Sigillus offers education consultancy to help our clients to select the best universities for their child.

If you thought getting the best grades was good enough, think again: Even amongst with three A* grades, less than half of applicants were successful. This means that to gain entry, your child has to really stand out from the crowd with their personal statement and in their interview. Fortunately, there are summer programmes that can prepare them for this.

Your child has the opportunity to spend two weeks living and studying within an Oxford or Cambridge college, taking two undergraduate-style courses that are created by Oxbridge Fellows to stretch students’ intellects and give them an authentic university experience. This gives them the chance to try out two different subjects before they make their university application, helping them decide what path to choose. For an authentic Oxbridge experience, students are taught in small classes of just five students each, accompanied by tutorials to provide more focused support.

These subjects are coupled with a series of workshops which develop key skills for the admissions process, like interview techniques and personal statement writing. By providing comprehensive training and guidance for each step of the competitive admissions processes of Oxford and Cambridge, these programmes ensure students are as prepared as possible for gaining a place at their dream university, whether it’s in the UK or elsewhere.

Academic summer programmes aren’t just about studying, however. Students also get the chance to experience a range of guided tours, college visits, cultural activities and excursions. These programmes are also a great opportunity for students to build an international network at an early age, with students from around the world coming to attend these programmes.

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