Finding the ideal Nanny for your family

Through our services, we also care about your children and their personal development. Our 5-star Kids Concierge service is designed for families, who are living London or overseas. We understand every family has their own unique requirements when hiring the right Nanny, Maternity Nanny/Nurse, whether bilingual or not. This is why we make sure to hire only but the best to look after your children.

A Bilingual Nanny offers your child the gift of a second language

Our standards of service ensure that our experienced and qualified team will find you trustworthy and caring bilingual nannies for your family. As part of our exclusive service, you will gain peace of mind with our high end of attention to details as we cater for your exact requirements from the get-go.

For parents wishing to give their children a broader worldview, hiring a Bilingual Nanny can help them do just that. Having a nanny that can communication in and reinforce both languages is important for parents raising their children to be bilingual.

A Maternity Nurse to make the first weeks smoother

We understand that your new baby joining the household is an exciting time and one which can be demanding so we specialise in providing only the highest quality, professional candidates for the care of your newborn. We take our role seriously and we are committed to ensuring you get the very best maternity nurse for you and your expanding family.

A Special Needs Nanny to meet your specific requirements

At Sigillus, we make sure our services are 100% bespoke, this is why, we believe that families with children who have additional needs deserve exceptional nannies who are committed to providing the very best care and services available. Special nannies are aware of special needs children’s limitation but also help them their full potential. They have genuine interest in working with children with complex medical needs and have pure love for these special children.

Contact us for more information about hiring a nanny for your family.