Flying Up High on a Private Jet


Flying Up High on a Private Jet 

Whether it is travelling for leisure or business purposes, it is not just about getting yourself from A to B, but also travelling in a style with pleasure for an unforgettable luxury lifestyle experience. Sigillus has the passion, protocols and mechanisms to ensure a seamless, stress free and remarkable travel experience worldwide. It is all about the whole package of ‘Travelling in a Style’!! The Airbus A319, A380, Boring Business Jet 3, Boeing 747 and Gulfstream G650 are a selection of private jet models we can accommodate depending on your preferences. You name it, we provide it!

Whether it is providing you with luxurious and secure transportation to the airport to begin the trip stylishly or ensuring you arrive on time and unwind luxuriously prior to taking off. You will embark elegantly and slide effortlessly through a secure and rapid immigration procedure. Throughout your journey, you will be able to track your journey so that you can plan ahead of your travel schedule and arrive with confidence. You will be looked after throughout your journey from chauffeur service to the airport to arrival service including luggage clearance and special assistance if you are connecting with onward flights and ground transportation arrangement to your final destination.

Privacy in the Air

Travelling on a private jet is all about privacy and discretion. On-board services will be delivered to your standard and going above and beyond, in order to make your journey a remarkable one!

Choosing your favourite champagne and wine, requesting a michelin star private chef with a bespoke cuisine and menu and catering for specific dietary requirements are only a few highlights of what we can provide. For leisure travels, children may need to be looked after throughout your journey and travel. We can assign a qualified and experienced nanny or butler according to your specific requirements and needs for children, whether it is a bi-lingual nanny or a degree educated in childcare nanny or a maternity nurse or a professional specifically dealing with autism spectrum disorder. At Sigillus, we ensure that household staff and child care placement are tailored to each unique family and their specific needs and preferences. Even if a team of trained body guards for high protection of high profile individuals and families can be placed at your disposal.

For business travels, organising your agenda, arranging meetings and booking for restaurants overseas are crucial particularly in one’s hectic schedule. If you want an accompanied personal assistant overseas and throughout your travel, who is knowledgeable with the local culture and language. With at least two highly qualified flight deck crew members at your disposal, you will be well looked after with our first class catering services and full complimentary bar. By all means, we are able to create a bespoke ambience and decoration of the interior design of the private jet according to special occasions such as romantic champagne, caviar and fois gras dining.


It is all about the travel experience and flying up high in a STYLE!

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