A frozen getaway to a white paradise

Doesn’t sounds like a dream? Winter breaks on the quiet side of Swiss Alps far from the city and your daily routine.

We all know how stressful it can be to travel during the winter holidays with airports and flights crowded or roadways jammed with vehicles but guess what? You can find what you need in the other side of Alps. Ski holidays guarantee iconic views, beautiful snow all along the year and especially, the great and well-known warm Swiss Alps welcome wherever you go. You will definitely feel the chills the moment you cross the border…

Our favourite spot is Zermatt, one of the best luxury resorts in Switzerland where horse-crown sleighs are more popular mode of transport than cars which create a great and peaceful ambience of a bygone era to make your travel experience unforgettable.

Want to take part of the most picturesque mountain car-less village? Living in Zermatt for a few days or for a week will give you the fresh air you need to reboot and start completely fresh for the new year. When it comes to treat yourself and have no stress planning a fixed travel itinerary, this lovely village will bring all the vibes you need to make these moments yours, the way you wish. With everything covered in perfectly white fresh snow and the occasional deep line, you will know your day will be an amazing opportunity to discover the Swiss history and culture in combination with sheer spaces.

Take a chance and live the magnificent winter experience in the most luxurious way. You will be staying at a breathtaking chalet up in the Alps where you can bring your family or your loved one to have a romantic week. You can choose from a stylish modern chalet architecture or traditional alpine chalets but in each case, your ‘home sweet home’ will provide relaxing and luxurious surroundings that will make your holiday a memorable one. Winter in Switzerland is the perfect holiday destination in the Christmas and New Year season with bright white snow, skiing, night sledding, snowshoeing and much more… Through our lifestyle management services, we can organise chocolate tasting, private ski sessions, panoramic drives across Switzerland, exclusive shopping tour or even a perfect moment to enjoy the best steaming warm cheese fondue you will ever taste.

Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Let’s get real, Sigillus can make it happen.

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