Hiring a butler for your large household

As an established lifestyle management company, we are able to place top calibre experienced butlers with you according to you and your family’s needs. We are a fully bespoke to ensure we match the best staff with when it comes to hiring your next butler.

Many families worldwide are yielding the benefits of having that all-important helping hand organise and arrange the smooth running of their households. At Sigillus, we care about our members’ needs and their wellbeing, this is why we provide a full Household Staff recruitment according to what they are looking for.

If you have a large household, the butler is expected to handle all the unpredictable needs of the household, while housekeepers manage the predictable ones such as cleaning rooms. The butler will manage the household bills, organise the stock for the kitchen and home, book medical appointment, help arrange social family events and much more.

Nowadays, he/she is usually compared to a Swiss army knife and many today favour a broader title such as household manager or estate manager, that fits into a field called private service. Some attend one of handful of schools or institutes that offer training, or they may learn on the job. More and more females are gaining interest in the field and most don’t specify the job as being a male role anymore (which is a good news!); particularly after Buckingham Palace opened their search for new butlers in 2004 including enrolments of female staff.

Whether you require chauffeuring services for your family, professional bookkeeping duties and personal shopping errands to be carried out, or construction and renovation projects to be managed, female butlers who possess a diverse array of business and domestic staffing expertise can rapidly become instrumental components of your household.

Hiring a butler is significantly a added value to your family and help you save time and live the life you want.

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