How a corporate concierge can benefit your business?


How a corporate concierge can benefit your business?

In the modern business world we are used to outsourcing services such as IT or payroll to introduce cost efficiencies and better service standards. However, the services that are covered by a corporate concierge can be left as an afterthought and this is often a mistake. As the demand grows for better service and the need to be more competitive on benefits to retain the best staff, the idea of the corporate concierge has really bedded down. Whether you’re an SME looking to take certain services out of the business, or a large corporate with a huge workforce to service, the corporate concierge has benefits to offer across the board.

Make staff more productive

The benefits of the corporate concierge, in terms of the impact on staff, are twofold. Staff who are supported in terms of their own personal needs and responsibilities don’t waste time fulfilling them. This inevitably makes employees more productive if they are not spending time searching for restaurants or dry cleaners, or even the perfect venue for a client dinner. Staff also feel more valued where there is a corporate concierge service to take care of their needs, creating loyalty and job commitment, which inevitably results in better productivity.

Create the right impression

There is something about a corporate concierge service that gives an impression of exceptional service and ease. From booking travel, to arranging client meetings and organisation events, with concierge services both staff and clients are well taken care of. This level of attention to detail is impressive to those who want to build business relationships with organisations that really care about getting it right. Greater client loyalty, creating the right impression to new business connections and also attracting the best talent are all positive consequences of the corporate concierge effect.

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Making it look easy

There is no doubt that a corporate concierge can achieve what individual businesses simply cannot, no matter what the size of your organisation or sector you operate in.  Whether you’re looking for exclusive tickets to a one off event or the chef’s table at a Michelin starred restaurant, you have an automatic ‘in’ working with concierge services. A corporate concierge opens up the opportunity for elite living for both your staff and your clients, whether that means front row seats or the most luxurious pampering experiences. Maybe you want to take clients the opera at Glyndebourne, arrange first class Eurostar travel at late notice or get a suit cleaned in an hour – concierge services make all this happen, stress free.

Exceptional service

A corporate concierge is an external service that should make you feel as if nothing is too much trouble. Work with the right corporate concierge partner and you will find that those essential finishing touches, as well as the most exclusive experiences are at your fingertips.

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