Jewellery trends for 2018

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is not too far and even if we got time to plan anything, avoiding a last minute rush and stressful hours to find the right gift would be even better. From modern pearls, swinging pendants to a green obsession, here are some of our favourites to take up in 2018.

Green Obsession 

This year is all about going green as the secondary colour undergoes a luxurious transformation. ‘Avocado green’ has been mentioned as the next ‘millennium pink’, while electric lime shades populate the spring collections. Embrace verdant fine jewellery including these beautiful Alhambra lucky charm earrings in Malachite, this Green Cuff in Malachite, Tourmaline and Diamonds or this well known Nudo ring with Prasiolite, you will find the ideal tone of green.

Is Green the new black then? If the truest essence of luxury is a strong deep elusive desire, then green might well embody it better than any other colour.


Shoulder-Skimming Earrings

According to industry insiders, this year is going to be an ear party. This is time to take your lobe to another level by wearing wonderful shoulder-skimming earrings such as these Diamonds by the Yard Drop earrings, these asymmetric teardrop chain earrings or these wonderful Adonis Rose pendant earrings. A pair of earrings is actually a perfect gift idea as they offer an every day sophistication that is eye catching but not overwhelming.

Modern Pearls

The world’s oldest treasure continues its contemporary transformation and we won’t complain about it! Either this Diva’s Dream ring set with mother-of-pearl, this Bridal bracelet set with south sea pearls or sumptuous Himalia earrings. They will bring light to the face and take your outfit to another level of elegance. Although famous for singing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” one of Marilyn Monroe’s most treasured pieces of jewellery was a simple sixteen-inch string of pearls. And if you need one more reason, don’t forget even Coco Chanel couldn’t agree more about wearing them:

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

At Sigillus, we emphasis on the life experience and we want to make sure this day will be the ideal opportunity for you to enjoy your time with your beloved one. Whether to book a romantic getaway or to find the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, our Lifestyle Managers will take care of everything.

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