How a Lifestyle Manager can be the key of your wellbeing?

We know how much your personal life can sometimes be as demanding and challenging as your business one. Have you felt you have so much to do you don’t know where to start? Do you spend too much time on admin in your business rather than fee earning? Or do you never start your to-do list because life gets in the way? You don’t have to feel like that. This is why, hiring a Lifestyle Manager could be, on this new year, the key of your wellbeing.

Maintaining a perfect work-life balance

Most of the time with the busy lifestyle, you forget to set a balance between work, health and personal life. We know when you achieve success in your domain, you expect to live an extraordinary lifestyle but you discover quite quickly how much this is time-consuming to plan holidays, finding the right wardrobe, booking the best restaurants in town or managing family activities. A Lifestyle Manager will help in planning schedules to make sure time will be justified in each areas of your life.

Managing social life

Social life is probably the one you easily struggle with to make everyone happy despite your crazy planning. Do you regularly ask yourself why you don’t have more hours in your week? A Lifestyle Manager understands the importance of social life and can help in scheduling balanced social exposure amidst the challenging environment of your life. Then, it becomes possible to find time to socialise and spend quality time in social circle.

Achieving your goals

At Sigillus, we thrive to find the best consultants in each field for your specific request and supported it by our team of experts. Internationally known in luxury concierge services, we can assist from booking a table on top of the Orrery in London, finding VIP tickets for Glastonbury Festival, relocating your family to a new city and in the meantime finding the best school for your children or even booking unforgettable holidays in Bali. But we are also here to advise you on your important decisions and put in contact with the right people in order for you to have the best service and experience possible. Indeed, thanks to our connections, you have access to a great network not only in London but worldwide.

Making the impossible possible

A Lifestyle Manager will seamlessly become a part of your life. Through our services, they will be devoted to your contentment, looking for opportunities to enhance your experience. At Sigillus, we make sure the impossible is possible, that is why the sky is our only limit. If you are looking for making your life more extraordinary and less stressful, then our lifestyle management services are ideal for you.

Contact us for membership enquires and start the new year the right way!