New year, new you!

New Year, New You! Let’s start 2018 to improve your lifestyle and performance in every aspect. We want to share with you the most interesting wellness trends you might want to look into.

High-tech sleep science in the bedroom

Nowadays, the most common struggle is definitely the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, this is the reason why you feel grumpy or you are frequently ill or you are not loosing weight. Sleeping is vital to help our body to recover and repair. This year, you will discover how much science has worked on it in order to improve your sleep, subsequently the rest of your day.

Setting up an optimal environment to snooze via temperature controls, data sharing about your REM stats, sleep trackers in your mattresses, solutions to help you to wake up naturally etc. There are many ways and products focused only to make your bedtime a nervous-free moment.

Gut feeling

Gut health just started to be a thing in 2017, but will be definitely on the table this year. You will realise how much your gut health has a significant impact on your physical and mental health and will discover all benefits from food as a medicine with more people ditching drugs in favour of treating their aliments with the right nutrients in order to discover the best diet for your body type and health concerns.


This time, we are not talking about crystals of Swarovski, but the ones you can see pretty much everywhere on the internet because now everyone wants them in their daily wellness routine.

What makes a crystal stand apart from the standard rock is that they have a repeating chemical structure and that is thought to contain energy, energy which can be used for all manner of different positive benefits. According to the one you choose, it will help you on an emotional, mental, physical side, heal and bring support where it’s needed. They are not only beautiful crystals, they are also and especially good supports on a daily basis. You will be easily addicted to them!

Digital detox 

Even though this is a recurrent topic in the wellness world, it will become more and more necessary in our constantly switched on society. We all agree, this is an common addiction, that actually cause us anxiety, stress and impact badly our sleep. As much as we try, this is hard to ignore the notifications’ alerts and the pings of status updates on Social Media, we need to know what is going on because, who knows? We will probably miss THE news of our life.

This is going to be a massive trend and you will then learn how to disconnect to reconnect with the most important, your own life.

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