The Prestigious Monaco Yacht Show


The French Riviera, more specifically the beautiful city of Monaco will host its annual yacht show from the 28th of September till the 1st of October. The show is set in the iconic Port Hercules facing the incredible view on Monaco. It is the place to be to visit and purchase yachts and super yachts!  Not only … it is also the place to be to enjoy a warm weather even toward the beginning of autumn!

Over 580 exhibiting companies and partners participate in the MYS, among the world leading luxury yachting companies: the trendiest superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury manufacturers and the most important brokerage houses. Gracing the waters are 115 custom-built superyachts ranging in length from 25 to 100 meters. Each year, approximately 40 newly launched yachts make their debut at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Attending Monaco Yacht Show is the best way to taste the chill and yet luxurious Monegasque lifestyle. During the four-day show, more than 80 events are organised by exhibitors in Monte-Carlo’s top luxury hotels, on board yachts and, for the first time, in the Yacht Club’s new building. You could go to the yacht club and meet with yacht experts at the event as well as have a relax time drinking some cocktails while facing the port of Monaco. It is indeed an option for you to have a chill and relax moment with a spectacular view of the ocean and a deep breath of fresh air.

With the cocktail party, press conference and lounge, the Monaco Yacht Show is just as social as it is about yachting. At the cocktail party, find award ceremonies to recognise greatness in yachting in a range of fields from design to the finest newcomers to the market. Press conferences can be found from some of the strongest names in the business as well as a platform for upcoming projects to be talked about. There are also maintenance and refitting exhibitions in the shipyard, live broadcasts and, of course, races to be enjoyed throughout the show.

MYS is all about giving you the chance to visit the most incredible yachts that have been lately built. To give you a taste, let’s take for example the Baglietto yacht, the favourite of MYS 2015. This super yacht is 46 meters long and has 4 decks! The interior is very “classico-moderne” style, the principal suite is more then 60m2 and has an open view on the sea on each side! The four guests rooms have their own private bathroom.

The new Aston Martin boat was one of the biggest surprises! Its is about 11 meters, the boat is full of incredible high technology; this yacht offers revolutionary features such as a “sliding” bridge which allows to protect the cockpit as well from rain, dust, sun …  His best features is the air conditioning, its fridges, and its Nespresso coffee machine that can be activate from distance, even from your car or your home!

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