5 reasons to become a personal assistant

Ask any successful leader how they achieve theirs goals with such a challenging diary full of commitments, a ton of emails and requests for their time, most of them will say they couldn’t do it without their personal assistant.

You will be at the heart of organisations, working daily with business people and leaders and playing a key role on daily basis decisions.

Here are some reasons why you should apply now.

You will learn a lot of the business where you are evolving.

You become a knowledgeable person able to help in any decisions made by bringing your ideas and insights about the business. You work closely with your charges and build up a trustworthy relationship that allows to support your boss in his/her role efficiently.

No two days are ever the same!

Your days are rarely boring as you get a huge amount of different activities to be done as soon as possible. You have the responsibility of supporting the board the most you can. You are likely able to plan your own workload but of course, as long as the job is done.

If you like helping others to be effective and fulfilled, then you will be as well.

You are the key of making people feel good about their job and themselves. A pillar for a work/life well balanced as you take care of their diary and manage what it needs to be done in a quick and easy way such as planning and organising meetings, monitoring emails, booking travels, being the go to person if anyone wants to contact your boss etc.

You will become a proactive person.

You are literally in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them. It allows to make your life and your boss’ life smoother with always one step ahead (which is the key of a good organisation). You learn exactly what to do, where to do and how to manage things without asking anything from your boss so you both can avoid any miscommunication or last minute rush.

You will meet the world.

You get to meet, in person or via email, a wide variety of people from different fields and location. This is such an interesting thing as they can bring you experiences, knowledges but also good connections.

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