The greatest cities to visit in Spring with Sigillus

Spring is most certainly a time for travel and the good news is you don’t need to go far to collide with spring’s flirtatiousness. The romance of Europe seems more appealing than almost any other time of year. Rich in heritage, architecture, arts, music and food, the continent’s cities welcome everyone with pretty flowers lining elegant boulevards, scintillating scenic coastlines, fine wines, and extensive choices of museums and luxury shopping.

Whether you are looking to take off to an exclusive enclave, the newest hot spot or a trendy metropolis for shopping and time on the beach, our Lifestyle Managers will organise the best city escape for Spring.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

If you want to enjoy Spring the proper way, head to The Netherlands. Explore the countryside by bicycle to see vast fields carpeted in the vibrant flowers (especially all the amazing tulips!). This is the opportunity to celebrate Keuhenhof gardens where this is the season of revival at tis most picturesque on the European continent, some seven million bulbs using up through the soil in what is a banquet of petals.

Milan, Italy 

No need really to justify why Milan is a great spot to enjoy Spring. The city offers spring in the conventional sense and in the grassy grandeur of the vast Parco Sempione because a spring holiday in Milan is incomplete without a stroll or picnic in the 116 acres of landscaped grounds. For all foodies, is it necessary to mention the fact that sipping coffee outside pavement cafés and people-watching from the piazzas are all part of a proper spring break in the most fashionable city of the country?

Lisbon, Portugal

In Spring, Europe’s westernmost capital is bathed in warm climes, with picture-perfect hues that pervade al-fresco alleyways. A spring break in Lisbon is a fairytale fling in a global city that’s undergoing something of a renaissance. Lisbon is ageless and full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation.

Marrakech, Morocco 

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to spend your night in a luxury camp in the Sahara Desert. This is where you will experience traditional Moroccan cuisine, entertainment under huge starry skies and even cross the desert on camel-back. And to be honest, what could be more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the dunes? There is something about the Sahara that startles the imagination of even the most conformist person but one thing is certain: a night in the desert will always exceeds the expectations and this is something to be remembered for the years to follow.

Europe has plenty of opportunities to make the most of the new season and thanks our extensive connections, our Lifestyle Managers will organise everything for you to enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

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