The importance of having a Butler: the new status symbol

Hiring a Butler is on the rise, as the number of high net worth individuals in the UK has grown significantly by last September. Butlers play a significant role on providing 24 hour service and household staff management to the homes of very wealthy families, who lead busy lives that involve a lot of travelling, hence being often absent at home.

At Sigillus, we provide a complete Household Staff recruitment service, to ensure the needs and demands of families are managed to an exceptional professional standard. The role of Butler is no easy task, so we commit ourselves in providing clients with well trained and experts in this field.

The addition of a Butler to a large household is essential, as their duties include managing other household staff members such as the maid, housekeeper, chef and governess, household bills, organising stock for the kitchen and home, booking medical appointments and assisting social family events to name a few.

Female Butlers are also requested for a number of clients, which show how women are becoming such a crucial element to the smooth running of household management. Often compared to a Swiss army knife, many are trained from prestigious and reputable schools and institutes that offer training, or they may learn on the job. Now more than ever, women are gaining a keen interest in the Butler industry and being a Butler is no longer a man’s world, especially after the Buckingham Palace opened their search for new butlers in 2004 including enrolments of female staff.

Nanny & Butler, our sister company, are dedicated in providing clients with highly experienced and prestigious household staff. For more information or inquiries do not hesitate to contact our consultants at Please check out the article on The Telegraph on why the butler industry is booming and is considered an iconic status symbol for wealthy British families.