Top Chefs Tables in Europe


Top Chefs tables in Europe 

The chef’s table is perhaps the ultimate luxury in dining – an invite into the workings of the restaurant and the tastiest and most cutting edge dishes from the menu. As you might expect, the chef’s table is often in great demand, particularly among serious VIP foodies, and getting a seat at one in some of the top restaurants can be tricky. However, the often unforgettable dining experience makes it an effort worth making. These chef’s tables are regarded as some of the best in Europe.

Murano, London

If you want to see how the kitchens work at a Michelin starred establishment then opt for the chef’s table at Murano. Separated from the action only by a sheet of glass (just in case the fat flies too far), this is the perfect place to get a sense of the kitchen without suffering the heat and the noise (or leaving with your hair smelling of steak). Chef Angela Hartnett has produced a menu that reflects her own Italian influences, as well as the best of modern British and European flavours.


L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Paris

This restaurant hasn’t been altogether traditionally designed and so many of the tables feel a little like a chef’s table. However, it’s only at the true chef’s counter at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon where you can really see the action. This restaurant was the first L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – what is now an empire – and remains the most innovative establishment. The lamb and the duck here get particularly rave reviews.

Aulis at Fera at Claridge’s, London

Eating Claridge’s already carries a certain guarantee of quality and service and the addition of this chef’s counter to the dining experience has added another level of intimacy to dining excellence. Walking through the kitchens to get to Aulis gives an added sense of going behind the scenes, and the mere six seats ensure that this chef’s bench always feels exclusive. Prepare for a 15 course tasting menu, as well as the opportunity to watch some of London’s best chefs at their most experimental.

Ristorante Berton, Milan

A relatively new addition to Milan’s restaurant scene, Ristorante Berton limits diners to just 40 to guarantee exceptional service every time. The chef’s table here is an original – positioned inside an alcove in the kitchen. Chef Andre Berton is famous for his innovative rice preparation, as well as unusual flavour combinations like licorice cream with fish broth, extra virgin oil and scallops.

Kitchen Table, London

One Michelin starred Kitchen Table is basically one big chef’s table, designed to offer the most exceptional tastes to a select few. All the seats are positioned around the open plan kitchen here – there are just 14 seats in the entire restaurant, so getting a dining spot isn’t easy. The restaurant offers a set tasting menu of 10-15 courses from a chef with a CV of experience that includes Noma and Per Se. The freshest ingredients and the most inventive flavours are combined to create a truly exciting menu.


Maaemo, Oslo

At Maaemo the chef’s table is positioned right outside the kitchen, providing a convenient view of food preparation that runs like clockwork at one of Sweden’s most exciting culinary establishments. Maaemo is Oslo and Norway’s only two Michelin star restaurant and the only Nordic restaurant to be awarded two stars directly. Most of the ingredients are organic and sourced from within 100km of Oslo. Expect flavours of wild salmon, juniper, elderflower and duck.

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