Wow, now that’s what I call an experience

Thought you’d booked that adventure of a lifetime only to feel a little deflated because it wasn’t quite what you had in mind, or did it leave you thinking that it was OK, but lacked that wow feeling? Well now Sigillus, the luxury lifestyle management company, has a range of bespoke luxury travel experiences just waiting for you.

extraordinary travel experiences

Sigillus, provide exclusive tailor made luxury travel experiences. So whether it is an expedition to reach the North Pole, or a close up wildlife adventure where you can see polar bears, arctic foxes, seals and walruses in their natural habitat in Svalbard; or diving experiences with guillemots and snowmobile across ice flows and under glaciers, we have the knowledge skills and experience to create the perfect experience just for you.

For those who crave more exotic adventures we offer jungle experiences in Guyana led by a team of ex-special forces, all of whom are highly trained. They will be your guide by day to help you take in the sights and smells of the jungle, and by night they will help you settle into the exotic landscape from your jungle canopy, set high in the trees where you will encounter sights beyond your wildest dreams. Complete your perfect adventure to this hidden world with a helicopter tour where you will swoop over the impenetrable jungle, grapple in the foliage, be extracted by winch from a cliff’s edge, abseil down or be involved in a long line extraction from the jungle and then camp in drop tents suspended in the rainforest. The skys really aren’t limits and these are just a snap shot of what Sigillus has to offer.

It is all about ‘Journeys without Limits’ at Sigillus. So whether you want a private expedition to Antarctica on the super yacht SuRi, building bespoke camps as a launchpad for flying safaris, or exploring the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, Sigillus can make your adventure one you will always get that wow feeling about.

“Our exclusive partnerships allow us to create a bespoke experience just for you.”

Sigillus can curate the perfect … so whether you are travelling for romance, a family holiday, business trip, visiting friends, or going for an adventure to discover a far-flung destination. With a world of incredible destinations we can create the perfect combination to calm your soul, uplift your spirits and soothe your mind.

We have an exclusive partnership with Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s leading international resort operators. Sigillus has exclusive access to luxury escapes in private villas set in some of the most sought after locations around the world including Bali, France, Italy, Morocco, Seychelles as well as Africa, USA and the United Kingdom.

We can give you exclusive access to the Rainforest Trail, which is designed specifically for couples. Indulge your senses, soothe and revitalise your body and mind with this rejuvenating wellness and healthy experience.

Whatever dream, adventure or experience you want to create talk to us to make your dream a journey with limits – wow!