Venice Carnival 2018

If you are looking for enjoying some Italian vibes on this beginning of the year, the annual Carnival of Venice kicks off in the district of Rio di Cannaregio with the ‘Festa Veneziana on the Water’ from Saturday 27th January to Tuesday 13th Ferbuary. This year, the spectacular show celebrates the carnival theme of ‘Beauty, the Sea and Vanity’ and will perform on floating structures amidst an explosion of images and music.

About Carnival of Venice

According to tradition the carnival started in 12th century, when townspeople celebrated a victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. Nowadays, this is a huge celebration that goes on for two weeks and ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday. While many events require invitations and have stoop tickets prices, many others, like the candle-lit parade of boats, concerts and street performances, are free and open to the public.

Internationally known for its elaborate masks, the carnival is also famous for its spectacular free water show which, each year, attracts thousands of spectators. Months of preparation have been made to bring the real soul of this city, which the locals consider a part of their identity. They manage to transform these into occasions of such importance that they attract visitors from all over the world.

What’s on? 

The carnival is a wonderful experience with all its shows throughout the city and this, for two weeks. Although the main events are entered around Piazza San Marco, and even are held in every Sestiere so do not hesitate to visit other areas of Venice. A fireworks show held in Piazza San Marco culminates Carnival and they can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Most high-end hotels hold masked balls, which are smaller and more private than the public events where you will enjoy the luxury part of the Italian lifestyle. Attending one of the balls, will include renting a costume, don’t be scared by wearing it, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it worth it!

Why going to the Carnival? 

During the carnival season, Venice is filled with costumed characters, entertainment, boat parades and food stalls so even if you don’t want to attend any of the parties or masquerade balls, this is definitely a fun time to visit! Indeed, people wear elaborate costumes and masks all over town so there’s lots to see just by walking around. For the best experience, this is always a good idea to wear a costume or at least a mask yourself! This is a lot of fun but also a good souvenir to fit into your luggage…

While you are in the city, you will be able to take the advantage to discover it a little more and this is actually a great opportunity to admire the skills of Venetian artisans and enjoying local food and wine specialities.

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