Wellness 2016 – Four Fitness Trends to Try


Wellness 2016 – Four Fitness Trends to Try 

Fitness trends are very much a ‘thing’ now as all of us try to find new and exciting ways to make getting slimmer and healthier a more appealing prospect. If you find a standard gym session incredibly dull and jogging just doesn’t do it for you then you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of other options to choose from. We’ve identified four of the current most exciting fitness trends you might want to look into.


‘Not a fitness trend, just very difficult!’ you may well say but, since 2014, ballet has been experiencing a significant upward curve in terms of popularity. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s such a great way to tone up and build strength and you need a lot of stamina to practice it regularly. Almost surpassing Bikram and Pilates in terms of effectiveness, ballet remains one of the foremost of fitness trends – and if you think it’s just for wimps then try spending an hour at the barre…



Cleverly combining getting fit with a holiday, the ‘fitcation’ is both a fitness and a travel trend that is all about getting active in new destinations. If you need the motivation of a beach or beautiful scenery to get you through your workout then try a fitcation to the California coast or somewhere like Fiji. If it’s fresh mountain air that gets you moving and shaking what about Switzerland or the volcanic landscapes of New Zealand. There are all sorts of fitcations now on offer, whether you’re looking for a relaxed yoga retreat or a high-octane thrill-seeking expedition.


Precision running

If you enjoy a spin class or two then precision running will really get you moving as this essentially combines the group mentality of spin with a session on the treadmill. Designed to overcome the boredom that often sets in with a long spell running in the gym if you’re on your own, precision running comes complete with that competitive edge of outdoing the person on the next treadmill across, as well as the fun of sweating it out in a room to a pumping soundtrack. Precision running requires about the same level of stamina as spin so it’s a good idea to start slow and build up with a few practice sessions.

Game Playing

Remember when getting fit didn’t used to feel like such a chore? There was a time for all of us when we burned off all those extra calories simply by running around outside. One of the biggest fitness trends for 2016 is exactly this kind of behaviour – getting together with your mates and playing games. Already in the City of London there are ‘playgrounds’ being created in parks and squares where those looking to burn off some energy with a quick runaround can do so in a more playful and childlike way with a game of tag or British bulldog. If you feel like the fun has gone out of fitness then this is the trend for you.

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