Why a personal concierge should be high on your wants list?


Why a personal concierge should be high on your wants list?

If there is one thing that many of us want in this high pressure, high stress lifestyle that we lead, it is often simply more time. From more time to spend with the family, to creating calm moments in the day when you can just sit back and relax, a little more time could make a world of difference. It’s here that the idea of the personal concierge is starting to really make an impact, freeing up those short periods of time in which the good stuff can take place.


It’s true that the idea of a personal concierge is something that has come across the pond from the very service-orientated USA. Americans are masters of making life work more smoothly, as well as being some of the hardest working executives in the world and so concierge services for the individual make perfect sense. The flexible nature of the modern personal concierge means that they can be the solution to so many problems. Whether you’re looking for the best dumplings in London, or need to arrange travel overseas with a seamless service via a chic hotel, a personal concierge is the answer.


The service you deserve?

Today, virtually everywhere you look there is a concierge smoothing out the rougher edges of life. The traditional hotel concierge has gone from simply arranging a taxi or theatre tickets, to being the creator of a bespoke guest experience. Businesses such as BMW, Sun Microsystem and British Airways have customised their services to add a personal concierge element to set them apart from the competition. Why? Well because having a concierge provides the kind of service that all of us feel like we deserve deep down – the best tables, the smoothest travel and the most exclusive access.

Living the lifestyle

There are many reasons why the personal concierge revolution is happening right now. Relying on your other half to deal with all your personal admin and lifestyle wants, for example, is simply no longer acceptable – and it’s not effective either. There’s little point in demanding that they arrange backstage access for the latest Rihanna tour when they don’t have the contacts or the persistence to do so. An increase in demand for exclusive deals and access has also driven the personal concierge revolution – we all want to live the exclusive, bespoke lifestyle but the reality is that this isn’t something most people can do without a little well-connected assistance.

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VIP treatment

The benefits of a personal concierge are also becoming very apparent, which is why concierge services are proving so popular. At the top of the list is the VIP treatment, something perceived as reserved for the very rich or the very famous but accessible now via a connection with a personal concierge. Also, we all want to live life to the very fullest – no one wants to miss out on the experience of a lifetime simply because they don’t have the connections.

Essentially, the personal concierge is giving us the chance to have a lifestyle upgrade – all you need to do is pick the right partner to work with you. If you’d like more information on personal concierge services from Sigillus and the luxury lifestyle experiences we can open up for you, please do get in touch.