World Class Concierge Services for Corporate Clients

Sigillus provides bespoke luxury expertise for corporations and their stakeholders across the globe. Expanding the scope of a traditional concierge company, Sigillus is defining significant needs within the business world by offering our values corporate clients our unique and bespoke corporate concierge services as well as corporate lifestyle management.

We are committed to providing world-class concierge services to our corporate clients while ensuring a professional and proactive attitude. Our corporate concierge services includes exclusive restaurants and private membership club bookings, bespoke business travels, access to VIP red carpet events including the Grand Prix, gala balls and award ceremonies as well as luxurious chauffeur services. Whether it is securing a box at the football stadium or at Wimbledon, a table at a charity ball, a royal box at the Opera or a VIP access to the Polo event in Dubai, Sigillus can make the impossible possible for our corporate clients.

corporate businessman

We understand it is very important to organise and provide assistance for entrepreneurs, who are living a busy life  and who require accurate and fast paste services for last minute bookings. Sigillus is able to eliminate unnecessary stress and hassles for our corporate clients, who can put their primary focus on their core business rather than concierge services and lifestyle management.   

Business is not just about conferences and private dining meetings, but also networking events such as The Elite Summit and Marcus Evans Summits. These networking events facilitate great opportunities for your businesses to grow and expand further as well as establishing relationships with key contact within the industry. Sigillus treat our corporate clients like our business, we want you to achieve sustainable success and develop your business in an appropriate way with the right contacts.    

By all means, we are highly flexible depending on the requirements of corporate clients. In addition to our value added services, Sigillus offers bespoke corporate membership that is implemented and tailored to the needs and wants of your organisation across the globe, particularly with our regional basis located in New York and Dubai. Not only do we provide catering services for business conferences, our lifestyle managers are able to make the life of each individual easier by planning and organising every aspect of your professional and private lives as well as business operations. No matter what your corporation demand for, Sigillus’s corporate membership is able to offer a wide range of corporate solutions and flexibilities accordingly.

A range of flexible services shown below are only some of what Sigillus can offer:

• Onsite: Sigillus can provide a fully trained onsite concierge to look after all guests. This can be either Sigillus branded or white labelled so you can provide our award-winning, global lifestyle management service under your own brand
• Internal Membership: Sigillus can act as a support mechanism for your company, allowing exclusive access to our bespoke services
• Gifting: Corporate partners can gift Sigillus Memberships at different tiers to valued clients in order to reward loyalty
• Events: Sigillus can create special and curated events and exhibitions, live event experiences that leave lasting impressions

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