Corporate Concierge Services

Tailored luxury expertise for clients and executives all over the world

Sigillus provides a range of bespoke concierge services tailored for the business environment. We are the premier concierge and lifestyle management company, catering to select leaders in the corporate, real estate, hospitality and fashion industries. We offer access to an unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise.

Corporate clients are supported by specialized loyalty programs, leaving the day-to-day to Sigillus. Our connections are second to none and our expertise in the high-net-worth market is carried right across to the boardroom in bespoke and creative ways. For instance we assist in developing art collections, guided and curated by Sigillus, to align with your corporate identity, ethos, origin or industry.

We manage corporate travel, which is both personal and tailored to your companies’ requirements. We never forget the importance of safety when travelling. We can have the support of ex-military security experts who have rapidly deployed kidnap for senior executives travelling abroad and who are trained in cyber-crime and investigation.