Education Consultancy

Investing in some of the World’s Leading Private Education for Your Next Generation

Sigillus places a great importance in  the selection of the best public schools and universities according to our members’ and students’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing professional education consultancy offering private tuition, patrol care and on-going support for our members’ children. Sigillus provides nothing but the top notch education investment to our members, which gives their children a competitive edge in the future with a strong educational background.

Our education consultants make up a team of former headmasters, headmistresses and also consist of senior management of the UK’s leading public schools, who provide professional guidance at each stage of your child’s education. This is followed through above and beyond education and into the prospective students future career path.

Our retrospective educational consultants are the global leaders in admissions for top prep and independent schools such as Eton and Harrow; Oxford and Cambridge universities; Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) universities; top international universities; the leading UK Medical and Law schools.

Our education consultancy is dedicated to those families, who are relocating to London and seeking for professional guidance on selecting the best schools with a strategic plan of action. When it comes to our members’ children, Sigillus wants nothing less but the best for the family. All ages are covered, from nursery to university level.

Sigillus additionally has access to some of the world’s leading private tutors, mentors and coaches to provide extra academic and extra curriculum support for your children. Above and beyond, Sigillus can provide lifestyle coaches and psychological specialists in all aspects of life, discretion, as ever is paramount.

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