Wellness & Health Concierge

We take care of your wellbeing

Wellness Concierge

Sigillus Wellness provides luxury health and medical concierge, personalised plans, bespoke retreats and corporate wellness solutions. At Sigillus, we have built up a world class portfolio of highly experienced and award wining therapists in all areas of wellness, health, nutrition, mindfulness and beauty. Our experts can create the perfect programme that suits your lifestyle to ensure that oyu are at your very best at the start line. Staying healthy is ket to a happy and fulfilled life.

Sigillus Wellness Concierge supports our members before and after their hospitalisation, finds the best private clinic, the world’s leading plastic surgeons and wellness specialists. We can arrange full body health checks and find the best personal trainers in each field in London and worldwide. We can create a bespoke retreat experience during your holiday based on your wellness needs.

Sigillus Wellness Concierge caters for retreats in villas, your favourite hotel or at your private home. We offer special packages such as Purification & Rejuvenation or Detox & Anti-aging and Wellbeing Assistance during travels.

At Sigillus, we care about your wellbeing and health. Life can be very stressful and you can feel trie of the pressure that society brings on you. Feeling unwell does not allow you to understand and integrate change easily. All of these are vital to relieve in order to move forward with strength and power every day. We take a holistic approach to total wellness fo rMind, Body and Spirit.

Our goals for you:

Increase your energy 
Detox your body
Get in a better shape
Live longer and healthier
Live a better life