Health Concierge

Purification & Rejuvenation

Wellness Concierge

Change your life for good! Follow our 6 months wellbeing plan to achieve the goal of a better lifestyle. No matter how busy you are and how many travels you have to do, we will take care of your wellness and nutrition, we will offer and organise all your the best treatments for your renaissance.

  • Initial Diagnostic session and Diagnostic Test
  • Health strategy for 6 months based on the test results
  • Vitamin Treatment monthly based on test result
  • Hair & Nail treatments monthly
  • 1 hour coaching call every 2 weeks to refine and apply strategy
  • Recommendations of Personalised advice on most effective treatments and practitioners wherever you are in the world 
  • Implementing and managing bookings and follow ups
  • Healthy Food & Fresh Juices delivery available 
  • Wellbeing Assistance during travels 
At Sigillus we care about you wellbeing and your health. Life can be very stressful and you can feel tired of the pressure that society brings on you. Feeling unwell does not allow you to understand and integrate change easily. All of these are vital to relieve in oder to move forward with strength and power every day. 

What’s the solution? It starts with getting to understand yourself and your body so that even if you do fell unwell you have a solution that enables you to diagnose what to do next. We know how to help you maintaining excellent health and keep in good shape in order to face busy lifestyles in the most vitalised condition.

Our strategy is to take your diary looking at the 6 upcoming months, analyse your business travel, holidays and stress triggers. We spot the areas where you need most support. We then help you understand what kind of support you need over those 6 months to reach and stay at your optimum health – while living your normal daily life. Everything we offer comes from a holistic approach to total wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our goals for you:

Increase your energy 
Detox your body
Get in a better shape
Live longer and healthier

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