Mayfair Concierge Services

Sigillus offers lifestyle management and concierge services, property management and health concierge services in Mayfair to those looking to live a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle. Our passion is creating exceptional experiences and delivering select, expert services that leave our clients free to live life to the full. From acquisition of the perfect Mayfair property, to high end private banking and red carpet access, Sigillus is dedicated to the highest levels of service and most exclusive opportunities.

Luxurious real estate

Sigillus is exceptionally experienced in premium real estate. Whether you are searching for a large country house, or a European villa, we have access to individuals and developers offering the latest branded buildings and exclusive properties all over the world. We work with prime real estate, whether on the market or off market, and our extensive network of property professionals, interior designers and advisors is discreet and effective.

Expert wealth management

Peace of mind in financial and investment matters requires a bespoke and specialist service delivered by true experts. From tax planning, to investment advice and estate planning, discover efficient solutions to achieving your financial aims.

Elite concierge

Whether business or personal, our exclusive concierge membership gives you access to red carpets, guestlists, dinners, VIP space, boutiques and events in London, and all over the world. Tailored to your personal passions, or your business aims, Sigillus’ Mayfair concierge service helps you achieve more and live better.

Family office

Family is precious – and time consuming. Our family office service is designed to take care of the essential details, from bespoke child-friendly travel, to sourcing schools and care professionals. We have extensive experience with high profile and elite families in areas such as staff, logistics and travel.

Private banking

Sigillus extends discreet and reliable private banking services designed for high net worth individuals with a finger on the financial pulse. We work with trusted partners who deliver banking that works to maximise and accommodate your assets and your lifestyle.

Fine art enthusiasts

Our extensive network of art professionals covers the entire chain of the art trade, from initial valuation, to authentication and logistics. Clients have access to unique purchase opportunities, niche experts in specific styles and centuries, as well as discreet and efficient methods of purchase and sale.

Lifestyle management

Live your life to the fullest with lifestyle management tailored to your individual business and personal needs. From networking connections, to staff and services, our lifestyle management is designed to expand horizons and open doors.

Sigillus is a Mayfair concierge with extensive expertise in delivering exclusive experiences and first class lifestyle services.


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