Adventures without Limits

Expend your limits

Sigillus makes it its core value to bring you and your family to the most unknown and beautiful parts of the world to make you discovery and incredible adventure opening your heart to the beauty of our planet. Getting off-the-beaten track and into the great outdoors is a deeply rewarding experience for those with an adventurous spirit. Whether you want a dash of adventure within a longer itinerary, or something more extensive, we will tailor an itinerary with exactly the right balance of activity. If you want to delve into the Amazon and meet local tribes, trek the Son Doong Caves or canoe down the Guyana jungle, we can arrange an adventure like no other. Reward yourself with an itinerary that takes you beyond the main tourist trails. At Sigillus, we use the best guides, luxury remote lodges and add in all the little creature comforts you never thought were possible. Overall, this ensures your experience is absolutely second to none, yet completely distant from the madding crowds.


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