deep in the far west

Deep in the far Ouest

Fly with us to Colorado then down to the remote Dunton Hot Springs, an exquisitely restored mining town in the Rocky Mountains near Telluride. With just twelve exclusive hand-hewn log cabins, it’s hard to find a more majestic setting. We can offer spectacular hiking, fly-fishing, horse riding and mountain biking trails in the High Rockies. A perfect destination for family travel if you are seeking adventure. After a few sportive activities, we are sure that you would enjoy a retreat with you family the most sublime of sceneries on earth, the Dunton hot springs. We will organise a session of fishing in the sparkling rivers for your children. Ending your trip at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas with a delicious set menu by Michelin-starred Pierre Gagnaire. Sigillus will fly you around the city on a helicopter to view the city from above.


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