Fiji Islands – Blu Lagoon dream

Sigillus would be delighted to take you and you finance for a tour in the superb Fiji island, you can choose if you prefer to stay in Qamea which is a breathtakingly beautiful island of dramatic tropical-rainforest-clad hills and white sand beaches. You can also choose to go on a former copra plantation on the island of Vanua Levu which is a paradise lost in time. You can swim with the dolphin, go snorkelling and diving, do water sport…But our favourite is undeniable the Turtle Island in which we have beautifully appointed bures that are nestled along the beaches of the Blue Lagoon (made famous by the movie of the same name). With many private beaches on which to spend lazy afternoons, each couple is also treated to their own Bure Mama, a casual butler who will take care of you and only you during your stay.


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